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neighborhood analgesic an analgesic is actually a drug that relieves soreness. Pain-relieving prescription drugs is often given to a lady throughout labor and supply locally through a needle inserted right into a muscle mass (intra-muscular) or underneath the skin (subcutaneous).

blood fluid in the human body manufactured up of plasma, crimson and white blood cells, and platelets. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to and waste elements clear of all entire body tissues. From the breast, blood nourishes the breast tissue and supplies nutrients desired for milk output.

endometriosis a ailment by which tissue that normally traces the uterus grows in other parts of the body, generally Within the abdominal cavity, but acts as if it have been In the uterus. Blood get rid of monthly within the misplaced tissue has no place to go, and tissues bordering the region of endometriosis may possibly turn out to be inflamed or swollen.

potassium a mineral that plays essential roles in muscle contraction, the beating of the center, as well as the sending of nerve impulses.

colostrum thick, yellowish fluid secreted from breast for the duration of pregnancy, and the 1st handful of days right after childbirth ahead of the onset of experienced breast milk. Also called first milk, it offers nutrients and defense in opposition to infectious conditions.

occupational therapy therapy aimed to revive a person's fundamental expertise, for example bathing and dressing.

Alzheimer's disorder a Mind disorder that cripples the Mind's nerve cells over time and destroys memory and learning.

menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) replaces the hormones that a explanation girl's ovaries cease building at enough time of menopause, easing indicators like scorching flashes and vaginal dryness. It involves utilizing person-created estrogen by itself or estrogen with progestin, often in the shape of the capsule or skin patch. MHT was named hormone substitution therapy, or HRT.

cirrhosis the result of Persistent liver ailment, where by the liver is scarred and no Related Site longer functions correctly. This triggers quite a few difficulties, which includes Establish up of fluid inside the abdomen, bleeding disorders, amplified pressure inside the blood vessels and brain operate disorders.

migraine a health care problem that click this link sometimes requires an incredibly agonizing headache, usually felt on just one aspect of The pinnacle.

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